How We Work


Step 1 Consultation

We'll have a one-hour free consultation to discuss your businesses problems and possible solutions. From leads management through all your work processes.


Step 2 Assessment

We'll assess and carefully evaluate your business needs, looking at your current workflows and ways to save you time and money.

Step 3 Proposal

We'll present you with our proposal, a customized plan with specifics, project tactics and costings, making adjustments if required.

Step 4 Implementation

Creating your business process system, set up your Zoho applications and work with you through the project plan on your workflows, data imports and integration.


We offer personalised training for you and your staff, so you can be fully equipped to run your business in your way.


Contact us whenever you need our assistance. We are always available to help bring your business to the next level.
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How Zoho Could Simplify Your Work

Zoho Marketing and Sales

Marketing & Sales | Zoho

Equip your sales team with applications that help to generate more leads.

CRM, Campaigns, Sites and Surveys.

Zoho Finance

Finance | Zoho

Cloud based finance applications for your business accounting.

Books and Invoice.

Zoho Customer Support

Customer Support | Zoho

Provide assistance to your clients and receive support with online services.

Assist and Support.

Zoho Email and Collaboration

Email & Collaboration | Zoho

Track and save interactions & documentation by your customers and employees. 

Mail, Projects, Vault, Connect, Meeting, Docs, Calendar, Social.

Zoho Human Resource

Human Resource | Zoho

Manage hiring and internal communication with human resource apps.

Recruit and People.

Zoho One

All applications are with enterprise features, giving you everything you need to grow sales, market your business, do your accounting, communicate with teammates and customers, and much more. 

Zoho One includes more than 40+ integrated online applications. With complimentary mobile and native versions, you will be able to work from anywhere at anytime.

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Zoho CRM Plus

Engage with customers across multiple channels at each stage of the lifecycle. Get the right context across different media and stay notified in real-time. Manage conversations with multiple teams in one single thread. 

Zoho CRM Plus is a unified customer experience platform that helps you deliver an exceptional experience to every customer across all stages of their lifecycle and convert them into brand advocates.
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Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM

Sales CRM software that helps you sell smarter, better, faster. Reach out to prospects at the right moment and engage them across every channel.

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Zoho Campaign

Zoho Campaigns

Email marketing software that drives sales.

Create, send, and track email campaigns that help you build a strong customer base.

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Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk

From increasing your agents' productivity, to crunching through performance metrics, to working in sync with other apps that you use, get to the core of your customer service efforts.
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Zoho People

Zoho People

Manage all your HR administrative actions from a central location. Search employees, set favorites, view organization trees, and analyze attrition reports--all from a single dashboard.

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